651 Mount Macedon Rd Mount Macedon VIC 3441


0412 180 388



Macedon Ranges Shire buses will run from Macedon Station to Centennial Park and carry on up to Mount Macedon.

You can also visit us on the Forest Glade bus that will run from Centennial Park up to Forest Glade and then back down the mountain with a drop-off point opposite Viewfield Garden, before returning to Centennial Park.

If you choose to drive up Mount Macedon Road, there is plenty of on-street parking adjacent to Viewfield.

Macedon Ranges Shire Council will have an Information Centre located at Centennial Park, opposite Honour Avenue during the Autumn Festival from 26th March to 25th April.

Refreshments are available at nearby Mount Macedon Trading Post, 686 Mount Macedon Road.

Toilet facilities are available at nearby Mount Macedon Village and at Stanley Park, Salisbury Road.